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Our little Texas group originally hailed from Hockley & Shiner, TX.  We have had the privilege of performing for many notable and historical events.  We are in our 19th+ year at the reenactment at The Alamo in San Antonio and truly enjoy bringing history back to life especially in such a sacred place as our Alamo.  We specialize in playing "period Americana music" (dressed in period clothing of the day from the 1700s-1900s) for Texas events, private parties, weddings, museums, Scottish, Irish & Celtic festivals, area school historic programs, Texas Renaissance Festival, Historical George Ranch & Liendo Plantation events, Dickens on The Strand & other Civil War reenactments.  During the 2020 season, due to Covid-19, (& we moved to more Central Texas) we all reconfigured our lives.... Mel and I decided to continue our "historic music vignettes" as a Duo.  We greatly appreciate Mark & Mary Shafer's contributions and friendship in our prior time in the band.  In 2022 we had the privilege of adding the musical talents of Ann O'Campo (at certain events in Central Texas) and her wonderful hubby Bob O'Campo too.  It's been so much fun playing our period tunes with these great re-enactors! 


Our band members are:

Mel Peters on fiddle, pennywhistle, guitar, jawharp, washtub bass & vocals

Betty Peters on percussion (Bass Box), spoons, tambourine & Dancing Limberjacks

Ann O'Campo on guitar and vocals


We have great programs for our area students, we perform "historical vignettes" for elementary & secondary schools.  This is one way of enlightening our children with the roots of our Texas music traditions and preserving it now & for the future Texas children.  We get the kids involved in playing along with us through hands-on activities & allow them to appreciate the old-time music & how it was made...before batteries & amps!   Creating Music Memories !


We'd love to participate, as our schedule permits, in future events and are especially fond of anything for our great STATE OF TEXAS !


We are passionate about keeping our Music Heritage alive...for this & future generations.



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