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Our little Texas group hails from Hockley & Shiner, TX.  We have had the privilege of performing for many notable and historical events.  We are in our 10th+ year at the reenactment at The Alamo in San Antonio and truly enjoy bringing history back to life especially in such a sacred place as our Alamo.  We specialize in playing "period Americana music" (dressed in period clothing of the day from the 1700s-1900s) for Texas events, private parties, weddings, museums, Scottish, Irish & Celtic festivals, area school historic programs, Texas Renaissance Festival, Historical George Ranch & Liendo Plantation events, Dickens on The Strand & other Civil War reenactments.

Our band members are:

Mel Peters on fiddle, pennywhistle, guitar, jawharp & vocals

Mark Shafer on mandolin, guitar & vocals

Mary Shafer on guitar & vocals

Betty Peters on percussion (Bass Box), spoons & Limberjack


We have great programs for our area students, we perform "historical vignettes" for elementary & secondary schools.  This is one way of enlightening our children with the roots of our Texas music traditions and preserving it now & for the future Texas children.  We get the kids involved in playing along with us through hands-on activities & allow them to appreciate the old-time music & how it was made...before batteries & amps!   Creating Music Memories !


We'd love to participate, as our schedule permits, in future events and are especially fond of anything for our great STATE OF TEXAS !


We are passionate about keeping our Music Heritage alive...for this & future generations.


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